Natasha Council

Natasha Shavonne, also known as “The Weight Snatcher,” is known for her love to help her clients transform their bodies and minds. She embraces the love of science to build a foundation where she birthed, “Her Legacy Body Sculpting.” She understands the power of embracing your story by adding self-love, fearlessness, and fun. It’s these tools which allow for her to create a way for her clients to achieve not only their weight loss goals but embrace their transformation process. Her passion for transformation allows for her clients to shift their minds on how they view themselves.

Her own weight loss journey paved the way to create her business as she shifts her mind from weighing 215 to 158 pounds. As a woman, wife, and mother she understands her “why’s” in life and is determined to build a legacy for herself, family, but mostly for those who obtain her services. She provides many services from sauna detoxing to enhancing the gluts. However, she comes alive within her superpower to help her clients understand and learn the science of the body. She is passionate about educating her clients how to create healthy daily routines to cause their transformations to rebuild their lives.

  • At Her Legacy Body Sculpting, we provide custom body contouring impeccably tailored to your body type and desired outcome using modern technology. Our patented procedure sets the industry standard — no body contouring results come close.

  • Let's all make a commitment to ourselves today. Let's do something new. Let's go outside our comfort zones and challenge ourselves in new ways. Let's push past our limits, of what we think are our limits, and redefine what is possible for us.